Monday, October 13, 2008

The End of an Era

Entropy is, as you know, the fault of Adam.

That being said, the Hitachi TV which my parents bought in 1985 when we moved to Guam finally has gone to its final resting place.

Mind you, I'm not really sure where that is, because I put it out behind our house where we normally put trash. It's now gone, but trash day hasn't arrived yet. No doubt some enterprising soul has decided to see what can be done with such an ancient piece of machinery.

Let us observe a moment of silence for a box that preserved a perfect picture right up to the end... when it suddenly turned green and then shut off! (That I was watching a first season Babylon 5 episode at the time is surely entirely unrelated.)


Stephen said...

Condolences. :-)

A couple years or so ago, I guess, I was watching my ca. 1990 Magnavox when suddenly there was a kind of a soft crackling sound for a few seconds. Ever since then, things which should be gray hued, such as nighttime scenes, are more greenish than gray per se. But other than that it's still chugging along.

Fr. Andrew said...

Bravo. May your Magnavox's career span continents and oceans as my brave Hitachi's did. I believe it was watched in no less than 11 separate homes in its long and glorious service.

The Scylding said...

23 Years is quite good. Doubt if you'll get that type of reliability nowadays - not with planned obsolesence and all that.

Jennifer said...

Our television did the same thing to us a month before yours. Turned funny colors, made a "pop" sound and was never seen again.

Unfortunately, it still sits in our living room, like a giant paperweight, as it requires 3 grown men to move it.